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The overall objective of the proposed programme is to enhance resilience and adaptive capacity to ClimateChange for selected communities in various Counties in Kenya in order to increase FoodSecurity and EnvironmentalManagement.
Specifically, the programme will be addressing ClimateChange in the following components:

Component 1.1: Increased adoption of DroughtTolerantCrops and HighValueCrops
Component 1.2: DiversifiedAlternativeLivelihood sources
Component 1.3: Increased food production through appropriate and EfficientIrrigationMethods
Component 1.4: Enhanced efficient food utilization through implementation of PostHarvestStrategies and value chain
Component 1.5: Increased animal production through adoption of DroughtTolerantAnimalBreeds and PastureConservation
Component 1.6: Enhanced land productivity through EcologicaLandUseSystems , conservation strategies and management
Component 2.1: Established appropriate physical assets and infrastructure for WaterHarvesting, storage and irrigation
Component 5: KnowledgeManagement

Introduction Integrated Programme to Build Resilience to Climate Change and Adaptive Capacity of Vulnerable Communities in Kenya is carried out by KEFRI and other...


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Knowledge Management Knowledge Management (KM) is the science and art of management of knowledge. According to Frost A. (2010) it is the systematic management of an...

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