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New topic Title Person Principal Investigator Blank box Thematic Area Blank box Regional Center
New topic Determine the impact of charcoal carbonization on species composition and Diversity in Kitui woodlands GitehiGiathi Forest Products Programme (FPD) Dry Land Eco-regional Research Programme (DERP)
New topic Effect of Casuarina and Melia on soil properties RizikiMwadalu Forest Biodiversity and Environment Management (FBEM) Cost Eco-Regional Research Programme (CERRP)
New topic Seed Sowing Pre-treatments of V. payoos Seeds to Break Dormancy MichaelMairura Forest Productivity and Improvement Dryland Eco-region Research Programme - Kitui
New topic Status of Soil Nutrients Along Coastal Region RizikiMwadalu Forest Productivity and Improvement Cost Eco-Regional Research Programme
New topic Sustainable Production and Commercialization of Gum Arabic for Improvement of Livelihoods of ASAL Communities in Marsabit County, Kenya MeshackMuga Forest Products Development National Forest Products Programme
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